Knock- N- Trap 1/2oz



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As you might have gathered from the name, the Bill Lewis Knock-N-Trap is a tonal spinoff of the original Rat-L-Trap. Equipped with the same action, it produces a distinctly different knocking sound. Built with a hard driving, low frequency knocker, the Bill Lewis Knock-N-Trap beats like a drum in the water, demanding attention and strikes.

Whether it’s ripped through grass flats or jigged in deep waters, the Bill Lewis Knock-N-Trap features a highly energized wiggling action that will have bass begging for a taste. Backed by two Mustad Triple Grip Trebles as well, the Bill Lewis Knock-N-Trap delivers a unique underwater acoustic that help you "knock" your next tournament out of the park. 

 Bill Lewis Length Weight Class
Knock-N-Trap  3" 1/2oz Sinking
Knock-N-Trap  3.5" 3/4oz Sinking