Browning Choke Tube Wrench



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Get the right wrench for the tubes you use. There are several different types of choke tube wrenches to use with Browning choke tubes. This one is designed for several gauges in both Standard Invector and Invector-Plus choke tubes.

Please note that Invector, Invector-Plus and Invector-DS have different choke designs and it is important to select the correct wrench for removing and reinstalling your shotgun's choke tubes. Many extended tubes are easy to remove with fingers, but most have the wrench slots hidden inside that only accept the correct gauge wrench.  

This wrench fits all Browning Standard Invector and Invector-Plus flush-fitting choke tubes in 10, 12, 16 and 20 gauge. It is not recommended for use with extended choke tubes. If you need to use it in a tight spot for extended tubes, please proceed very, very carefully to avoid damaging the end of the tube.