Bul Armory Cherokee Full Size 9mm Luger Semi Auto Pistol


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The Bul Armory Cherokee Full Size 9mm pistol is inspired by and quite possibly based on, the iconic CZ75. The Israeli manufactured Bul Armory Cherokee has a 4.45" barrel with a 17 round capacity in the full-size frame. The slide stop, magazine release, and safety are located in the optimal location for easy manipulation without being obtrusive. The Double Action/Single Action trigger provides for a smooth double action first shot and a short reset with a crisp single action press. The Cherokee can also be carried "cocked and locked" with the hammer to the rear and the safety engaged for single action carry. Aggressive texturing on the frame provides an excellent grip even in harsh conditions. With a low bore axis recoil is directed towards the meat of the hand which enhances control and reduces muzzle flip. An extended beaver tail on the polymer frame lets you get a high grip while reducing "slide bite" during recoil. An accessory rail on the dust cover allows for the installation of a light/laser. The 3-dot sights provide for enhanced visibility in bright light and reduced light. Being lightweight, durable, and reliable are the hallmarks of the Bul Armory Cherokee. It is also extremely affordable and will make a great addition to your home defense tool kit.

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