2.25oz Antiperspirant Stick



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  • Unscented Formula - The stick glides on smoothly to start masking your natural scent right away without additional fragrances that could spook game and wildlife
  • Scent Technology - The patented formula utilizes supercharged, medical-grade particles that seek and destroy 7 types of odor, so deer, raccoons, coyotes, fox and wild hogs won't smell your presence
  • Keep Your Eye on the Target - Concentrate on sealing the deal, as the antiperspirant fights sweat to stop it from forming under your arms
  • All-Day Protection - Stay dry and comfortable with protection that lasts throughout the entire day - from preparing for your trek into the woods to tagging a 12-point buck
  • Leaves Gear Clean and Clear - The formula won't stain or leave residues on base layers, shirts or coveralls to keep your hunting apparel looking fresh and ready for the hunt
  • Delivers reliable performance under all weather conditions
  • Underwent rigorous laboratory testing
  • Ensures ease of use and excellent efficiency