Flip- N- Spin Swim Jig



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The D&M Flip-n-Spin Swim Jig has a uniquely shaped head and line tie with an under-spin blade. Its flat, diamond-shaped head is balanced to create an exaggerated shimmy, and also allows it to come through cover without rolling over - even at high speeds. It also imparts an irresistible swimming action to a wide range of trailers. The Flip-n-Spin is built around stout extended long shank 5/0 Gamakatsu hook, and comes equipped with a large keeper to secure your trailers as well as a sturdy weedguard to protect against snags. The Flip-n-Spin is not just an alternative to a spinnerbait, it also seems to attract larger fish. Available in a wide range of deadly colors, the D&M Custom Baits Flip-n-Spin Swim Jig is perfect for fishing around lay downs, rip rap, retaining walls, boat docks or other aquatic vegetation.

Techniques & Recommendations:

Fishing the D&M Flip-n-Spin swim jig is easy. Instead of letting the jig sink to the bottom, start your retrieve after the jig hits the water (depending on the depth your trying to reach). In most cases your retrieve will be much like a spinnerbait and no deeper than 8 or 10 inches below the surface or just above whatever grass/vegetation you might be targeting. Shaking your rod tip as you reel, gives the jig more action. It’s primarily mimicking a fleeing crawdad or baitfish, and a swim jig with a long tail trailer is a bulky lure that creates a lot of water movement and vibration. D&M recommends a swim bait style trailer in open water and a crawdad style trailer for use around tules, bulrush, cattails, grass/vegetation and mats. Simply cast out or pitch past the intended target, start reeling, keeping the swim jig in the strike zone. It’s important to NOT stop reeling after hitting an object, the swim jig will have a tendency to deflect, bounce off or roll over the obstruction. In fact, that is when most strikes happen.

The Flip-n-Spin can also be fished at any retrieve speed: A slow lift-n-drop technique used in the spring, can really entice the big females. Using a duo-lock snap provides the most realistic side-to-side rolling action and will increase vibration. If you tie direct to the eye you will get a more shimmering action and can swim it through some pretty thick grass. It will stand up on the bottom, using a floating type plastic trailer. It can also be slow rolled and bumped along bottom cover, counted down and retrieved through suspended bass, dropped vertically through treetops, and even burned near the surface.

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