Suspension Wedge Waterproof Pull On Boots



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  • Electrical Hazard

    Footwear is built with nail-free construction to help insulate you from the ground to slow down conduction, but is not intended to be primary protection against electric shock. Leather footwear must be dry. Our electrical hazard boots meet and exceed ASTM electrical hazard standards.

    Georgia® Waterproof System

    Don't sweat it. Air gets in, even though water can't. Water can try to flow past this obstacle, but there's a 100% guarantee it won't. The Georgia Waterproof system comes equipped with a heavily fortified defense against water, because dry feet are happy feet.

    • Oil Resistant Polyurethane "Suspension" Outsole
    • Georgia waterproof system
    • Steel shank
    • Full-grain leather upper
    • Leather pull straps
    • CC5 Comfort Core removable PU insole
    • 11 Inches in height
    • 15-inch calf circumference
    • ASTM F2892 electrical hazard standard
    • High performance mesh lining
    • Weight: 3.0 pounds per pair for a size 10