Room + Linen Spray



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Our Room + Linen Sprays only take a few sprays to make your home smell like your favorite Laurel Rose Co Candle!

They are perfect for your a childs room, your vehicle & office!

  • Beach House: watching the crashing Gulf waves from your balcony
    sea salt, jasmine + citrus
  • Coastal Georgia:  sandy beaches, salty air + Georgia peaches
  • Cranberry Halo: zesty mandarin oranges, cranberries + plums
  • Grace: a graceful blend of jasmine, lavender + musk
  • Golden Hour: 'Cause I love the light that i've found in you. Baby don't you know that your my golden hour; coconut, sandalwood + tonka
  • Hometown: sweet memories of your hometown; patchouli, vanilla + musk
  • McLeod Family Farm Sunflower: fresh cut sunflowers grown in Alabama on the McLeod Family Farm
  • Lavender Fields: eucalyptus, fresh lavender, oak moss + cedar
  • Serenity: se·ren·i·ty

    the state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled; lavender, lemon + mint

  • Southern FIg: ?rich brown sugar covered figs

  • Tobacco Leaves: tobacco leaves, cedar + citrus