Rattleback Flipping Jigs



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Rubber jigs are surely one of the most versatile lures in every bass anglers' tackle box and Rattleback jigs are one of the most widely known in America. Rattleback Jigs are hands down the biggest money winning jig in professional bass tournament history. Rattleback jigs are built with a loud copper rattle molded right into the back of the jig head so it will never break, fall off and won't crack and fill with water. Moreover, the rattle leaves enough space between itself and the hook to allow any trailer to fit securely on the hook all the way to the head. Rattleback jigs are made with super-sharp round bend Gamakatsu hook so you will not only get a better hookup ratio, you will land more fish because the deep bend hook will hold more securely and will be more difficult to throw when a big bass jumps or shakes its head.