Mend- It Soft Bait Glue



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Mend-It! fixes all soft plastic baits. It is not "superglue" it is not even sticky - so no more mess! With Mend-It you can not only fix any soft plastic bait, you can create your own baits by mending two different lures together - adding different tails to swimbaits and more! Mend-It! is the hottest selling new fishing product on the market today for one reason - it saves anglers lots of $$$ from the very first day you own it!

In order to provide the best possible product in the best possible container and to totally eliminate evaporation, Mend-it now comes in glass bottles. The shelf life of these bottles should exceed 2 years. A built-in brush allows precise application of our glue which perfectly fixes any soft plastic bait. The large bottle holds one fluid ounce and the small holds 1/2 fluid ounce, either holds enough to fix a ton of baits!

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