Sausage Head Jig Heads



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When the lure action's right, a crappie angler can score a limit quickly. The Mr. Crappie Sausage Jighead from Strike King features a unique head shape that allows it to swim in perfect balance at all times, whether cast or vertically jigged. Plus, when the bite comes, the Sausage Jighead's extra-wide front face prevents the bait from rolling over in the fish's mouth, enabling a perfect hookset every time. The unique bend in the Slab Slasher hook holds fish securely, and makes rigging even small plastics easy.


  • Unique head shape design
  • Always swims in perfect balance
  • Great for casting or vertical jigging
  • Extra-wide front face prevents rollover, for solid hooksets
  • Slab Slasher hook holds fish securely
  • Makes rigging small plastics easy