Cape Fair Drop Shot 4.5 " Worm



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Colors and texture designed by professional angler Timmy Horton, the Klone 4.5” Cape Fair Drop Shot Worm is one of Timmy’s go-to worms that works extremely well on largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass. Poured to Timmy’s strict requirements, the Klone Cape Fair Drop Shot Worm provides a subtle, yet lethal quivering action that fish can’t resist. The super soft plastic not only produces a phenomenal action, but it also provides a texture that makes fish hold on longer for easy hook sets.

Ideal for tough conditions, the Klone Cape Fair Drop Shot Worm is perfect for a drop shot rig, but it is also very effective on a shaky head, split shot, and even a neko rig. Available in a selection of color combinations with just the right amount of glitter for flash and natural appeal, the Klone Cape Fair Drop Shot Worm is one that you never want to leave the dock without.

The Cape Fair drop shot worm is one of the lures Timmy Horton used to set the Major League Fishing all time record of 88 pounds 10 ounces.