Klone Ringo Worm - 5.25 "



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Taking worm fishing to a whole new level, the Klone 5.25” Ringo features a unique design that provides more action than your standard worm and triggers rod-jarring strikes. Made with a fully ringed body and thin solid core, the Klone Ringo provides the profile of a large worm but has the enhanced action of a much smaller, skinny worm that undulates from even the slightest twitch from the rod. With its rings and solid core, the Ringo is the ideal set up for O Rings, wacky rigs, and ned rigs.

Perfect for a drop shot, Texas-rig, or shaky head, the Klone Ringo is absolutely deadly when the fishing is tough and you need your bait to produce the maximum amount of action to get bites. Poured in a wide selection of reliable color combinations, the Klone Ringo is sure to be a mainstay in your finesse fishing arsenal.